1. Joe and Carol Carol Wuest

    So much fun ready your post. Nosey about where you are living since I do not recognize the layout Glad you all are happy in your new home. Love and hugs

  2. Pam Proctor

    Lanita, these were all the details I wanted to hear about! I loved hearing about your packing and the timing of your selling and buying. And I can certainly see how exhausting it must have been. Hurrah, so glad you and Steve found such a beautiful home and location.

  3. John Alexander

    Happy for you that all has worked out so well. I can
    relate to your situation. It took 3 moves and 4 yard
    sales to get rid of all our “stuff” but I, like you, feel so
    much better. Your place looks beautiful. I had dinner
    with a friend up there so I can appreciate your
    outstanding view. Relax and enjoy. Time passes all
    too quickly. John

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