1. Drue Wright

    Well, since it’s confession time I’ll take a turn. For years I could not let an orphan rubber band remain. If one was on a counter I brought it home. I had a stash of orphan rubber bands in my special drawer. Then, one day when we were living in Fiji I was walking across a busy downtown street and there was the biggest, baddest rubber band I had ever had the opportunity to rescue. I stopped right there, leaned down and as I was retrieving it tires screeched, horns blew and people looked at me as if I’d lost my mind. That was my turning point. I have rarely given a home to another orphan rubber band!

    • I love this, Drue! It reminded me of another obsession I had. When I found out that the Taylors and their 12 children collected empty Marlboro cigarette packs for prizes, I picked up every one I saw on the ground, often to the dismay of my family. After they moved to Alabama, I’d save them and give them to Donia to deliver. Finally Pam sent word that they were no longer collecting, so I stopped my grungy obsession. But they really did get some good Christmas presents from the Marlboro catalog!

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