1. Drue Wright

    I love your stories. I often think of a memory and it recalls another and another until the connection is lost.

    By the way, I haven’t thought of my granddad, we called him Papa, teaching us how to swing buckets of water as he swung his milk pail. Thanks for the memories!

  2. Barbara Jordan

    My great aunts kept a bucket in their room in case they had to go during the night. They didn’t want to go to the outhouse. One morning one of the aunt’s decided to try centrifugal force. She was swing the bucket as she was going down the stairs and her father at the bottom asked what in the world she was doing. It startled her and she stopped mid swing. Her poor Dad in his clean white starched and pressed shirt was covered in urine. The aunts loved telling us that story!

  3. Annelle R. Huggins

    Olives! Uncle Lawrence playing the saw! Attending Vacation Bible School in Clearview and stopping by the corn field to pick some corn for supper!

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