1. Laura Davies

    Love this Lanita! Not only could I “see” vividly your Thanksgiving memories, but I could feel the love as well!

  2. Charlotte Weiss

    Lanita, I can relate to every single word of your story! After grinding the sausage & adding the seasoning, my mother would fry a patty for us to taste & decide if it needed more salt, pepper or sage. When it was decided it was just right, we started bagging in those muslin bags. usually made by me in my teen years.)
    Thanks for the memories.

  3. An Belle R. Huggins

    Beautiful picture of both our parents. I miss them all everyday, but they remain on my “thankful”list ! We were truly blessed.
    Love to you and yours.

  4. Toni Daniels

    I loved reading that. Even though I am a vegetarian it was so interesting to read about some one I know doing that.
    I have helped in tobacco with a few friends who raised it. It is hard and sticky work.
    Have a happy Thanksgiving.

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