1. Brenda Simpson

    They will remember more than you think. I’m surprised at what I remember as a child in Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. I was only in church from a preschooler to around age 12. Then basically not in church until about age 43, when I was born again!
    I was basically “dragged” to church as a formality. My parents never talked about it much. Somehow my mom was asked to teach a lesson at VBS, probably because they couldn’t find anyone else. I still remember her story of a character called “Whosoever.” I also remember that the Methodist Church got mad because she got the supplies at the Calvary Baptist bookstore. LOL I seem to remember the songs from VBS the most. I seriously learned a lot about the gospel from the album, Jesus Christ Superstar.

  2. Bill Long

    I know you are a good teacher. You are you and that’s a big lesson. Learning the real meaning of communion helps remove the mystery of it for little ones.

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