1. Toni Daniels

    Beautifully written. I have envelopes also. But I have all kinds of rocks, fossils and shells.
    I did manage to give my books to the library when I moved.

  2. Pam Proctor

    I so relate to this! And I just love reading your essays on life. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Julia Johnson

    This is SO me… My dad never got rid of anything so I guess I got that tendency from him. Raised as a child during the depression era, they kept everything and repurposed, reused, repaired or handed down everything. When cleaning out their basement, we found a wire hanger with several broken shoestrings hanging on it. They would find two lengths, ties them together and tie their shoes.
    I think the inclination to save broken shoe strings, opened packages of paper napkins, boxes and books among many other things, is just unconsciously instilled in us…you never know when you might need an extra napkin…What do you think?…jj

  4. Melinda Alden

    I can relate unfortunately. I tend to be a hoarder. My mother saved things, but she was creative and made things using things most people would never think of. I’m just a good stacker. I keep hoping I will change.

    • Our mothers were both great at that. Yes, I’m sure that’s where we got it. Today I started to buy a box of envelopes at Dollar Tree and had to stop myself!

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