Spotting Weeds

As I walk briskly through our small town, I admire many of the houses and yards. Most are meticulously kept and reflect their owner’s pride in their property. Certain people seem to have more of a green thumb than others; I watch for interesting ways to landscape. In addition, I notice weeds. When I was … [Read more…]

Weekend Adventures

So we had another “grandson weekend.” Knox, 10, stayed with us while his parents and older sister went to Winterfest, a spiritual weekend retreat for middle and high school students and their adult leaders. Many places have a “Winterfest,” but this one is sponsored by a cappella churches of Christ and attended by other groups … [Read more…]

Please Subscribe Again!

You may notice that I have a new format for my blog posts and website. With this change comes a need to move to another server for delivering my blog posts to your inbox. So would you please take a moment to subscribe again, using the form at the right? I’d hate for you to miss … [Read more…]

Human Rights

When our daughter’s birth mother was pregnant, she had an appointment at an abortion clinic and  changed her mind, leaving the waiting room. We have ever been grateful for her decision. Even before that, we were appalled by Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision approving abortion. Our family has always had strong objections … [Read more…]

Mr. Jess Saves the Day

I’m fortunate that my buffet has an excellent drawer for silver, including tarnish-proof cloth under and over the silver. My sterling pattern is Gorham Andante and we received most of it as wedding gifts. My parents gave us the rest for Christmas and birthday gifts the first few years after we were married. I was … [Read more…]