Miss Eurie

In our Sunday class we discussed childhood mentors within the church and how they had impacted our lives. I immediately thought of Miss Eurie, who loved me and encouraged me throughout my growing-up years. (We pronounced her name “you-REE,” and in the South respect demands “Miss” before any woman’s name, married or not.) I don’t … [Read more…]

How can we ever know?

How can we ever in this life know when God is working something out and when He’s simply allowing something to happen? Steve and I flew to Key West, Florida, Thursday evening. Shortly after our connecting flight left Atlanta and we arrived in Key West, we heard about the blizzard that paralyzed Hartsfield International Airport. … [Read more…]

Thin Places: Perception

As I help my mother get dressed, I look at her misshapen body, thinking, That’s what I’ll look like in twenty-two years. It is not an encouraging thought. I’m disappointed enough with my 60-year-old body now. “I’m so ashamed that you have to help me like this,” she says, adding, “I don’t know what women … [Read more…]

Memories of Mother and Aunt Fannie

I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett, a fascinating story of race relations in Jackson, Mississippi, from 1962-1964. Reading about the Southern women and their African-American maids brought back memories of our family friend, Aunt Fannie. Though some might see calling her “aunt” as a derogatory term, it was not that to us. … [Read more…]

Generational Hospitality

I’ve been thinking about what’s needed to show hospitality. A person in our church small group did not have us into his home, but hosted us at the church building and showed great hospitality. Others volunteered to bring additional food and showed their hospitality in that way. But nothing compares with having someone in your … [Read more…]

The Numbers on the Door

I’ve always found it handy to tape significant phone numbers inside the cupboard door nearest the kitchen phone. There you may find current numbers, but also numbers of the girls on Kelsey’s 1994 softball team, of stores no longer in business, of friends or relatives long dead. “I think all this needs to be thrown … [Read more…]