"In Christ Alone"

Though stating the obvious, I must say that God is pretty awesome. Yesterday I heard a great example of how he cares and works in our lives in even the smallest things. My friend Ruth is dying of cancer. The doctor gave her “weeks, not months,” a few weeks ago. She is a strong woman … [Read more…]

When God Puts Us Where We Need to Be

Once again, I see how God puts me where he wants me to be. My constant prayer is to be less self/family-centered and reach out more to others, and he is answering that prayer. As I was heading for home yesterday, I suddenly had the idea of stopping by Macy’s to buy some Clinique and … [Read more…]

Miss Eurie

In our Sunday class we discussed childhood mentors within the church and how they had impacted our lives. I immediately thought of Miss Eurie, who loved me and encouraged me throughout my growing-up years. (We pronounced her name “you-REE,” and in the South respect demands “Miss” before any woman’s name, married or not.) I don’t … [Read more…]

How can we ever know?

How can we ever in this life know when God is working something out and when He’s simply allowing something to happen? Steve and I flew to Key West, Florida, Thursday evening. Shortly after our connecting flight left Atlanta and we arrived in Key West, we heard about the blizzard that paralyzed Hartsfield International Airport. … [Read more…]

Thin Places: Perception

As I help my mother get dressed, I look at her misshapen body, thinking, That’s what I’ll look like in twenty-two years. It is not an encouraging thought. I’m disappointed enough with my 60-year-old body now. “I’m so ashamed that you have to help me like this,” she says, adding, “I don’t know what women … [Read more…]