1. Judy

    It’s good to hear you had a nice birthday!

    Mike and I will never forget your grandmother sitting at her own estate sale. Wow!

    I was just getting ready to e-mail you about a similar topic. Norma will be 60 on March 18….how did that happen? Additionally, she and Wayne will both retire this spring.

    Would you mind sending a birthday card to her? Her address is: Norma Moulton, 106 Wickham Ct. Hendersonville, TN 37075

    Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.

    Love Judy

  2. Liz Bradley

    I always love how optimistic you are about life! You are a wonderful example of living a very fulfilling life. You and Steve are not afraid of being older and embrace your age and accomplishments !! You both are such an inspiration and I know your Mom, Dad , Bessie and Aunt Mae are smiling down from heaven and saying “keep up the good work Steve and Lanita”.

    I know you won’t miss a beat !! Love, love , love you and Steve and your family!!

  3. Peggy Johnson

    Thanks Lanita. I actually needed this today. I’ve been going through pics and seeing my young self. I want to embrace God in my older years. He’s been so good to me and I want my light to shine. I love how God has been molding me through the years. But it kind of took reading this to remind me.

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