1. Judy Briley Henry

    This brought back sweet memories of your incredible Mother. Both of your parents were fine examples of how Christians should deal with life.

    Happy birthday, Mary!

  2. Holly Lewis

    I absolutely love this story! It’s so special and such a great piece of encouragement and influence. Your writing made all the imagery come to life. You may not know this, but you played a huge roll in my desire and love for writing and reading.
    Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thank you, Holly! Your comments are such an encouragement. As a student, you made teaching easy and fun. Glad you have good memories of our year together!

  3. Toni Daniels

    I love that. You forgot to show me where Miss Velma lived when we were on our adventure.

  4. Charlotte Weiss

    Lanita, I just read your story to James & to Jason, who just happened to be here visiting. Jason kept shaking his head in agreement when hearing about the same things he remembered. After finishing reading, Jason said he could still remember the smell of that store when he went with his granddaddy! Memories are wonderful. Thanks for reminding us of years gone by!

  5. Julia J

    Lanita, so enjoyed your writing regarding “waving at Ms. Velma”. (I really enjoy all of your writtings) I’m certain every woman, at some point in their life, have encountered a Ms. Velma. I’m not a young woman any longer. However, I’m certain we’re never too old to take on the challenge of our own “Ms. Velma” and to have at least a small part in winning her over to the Lord.

  6. Melinda J. Alden

    Lanita, I don’t know if you ever knew this, but before either of our parents were married, Daddy was at “The Armstrong Store,” and the whole gang whoever that was were lighting firecrackers. “Miss Velma” lit a whole pack of firecrackers, threw them, and they hit the back of my daddy’s head, burning off his hair. Slowly, but surely, after that, my daddy lost most of his hearing. He could no longer play the harmonica and sing with a group of Clearview friends, including your daddy and my daddy. Even though his deafness grew worse over the years, I never heard him speak angrily about Miss Velma, whose folly caused his nerve deafness. I, however, never liked her for what she did to my daddy. If she ever even apologized, I never heard of it nor Daddy ever spoke of it. Daddy never quit going to church on Sunday morning even though he could not hear the preacher nor the singing which I know he missed.

    • OH, Melinda! I never knew how Mr. J. C. lost his hearing. What a story! Thanks for sharing. I can just see it happening. A great reason to hold a grudge, but what an example he set for you and your sisters! He was such a precious man–and so patient with me in his strawberry patch.

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