1. Pam Proctor

    I loved reading this, Lanita. Your father sounds like he was tireless. And so giving. No wonder you loved being with him. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you, Pam. One of the highest compliments I occasionally receive is that I’m like him. I wish I knew more of the individual stories of people whose lives he touched.

  2. Felicia Austin

    I been thinking about Dad all morning
    And Rememebr this day so well and i think about Him very often and miss him

  3. Barbara Wims

    Lanita, I think I’ve told you that spending the night with you and being included in your family bedtime devotion that your daddy did inspired me to do the same with our girls. My mother read the Bible to me at night, but the family devo he did really inspired me. I remember him leading singing at Bethel. Also remember our good times at church camp!

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