As a Christian author and speaker I have my favorite websites. While this list does not include all of them, it will give you an insight into my favorites. The sites listed below belong to individuals that believe in the same Christian principles that I share with many of you!
Steve Boyd’s website gives you a chance to subscribe to his monthly newsletter to help you improve your speaking and listening skills.
Josh Boyd’s website shows his academic accomplishments as associate professor of communication at Purdue University. As part of Steve Boyd Presentations, Josh is available for speaking engagements, either in the area of communication or spiritual matters.
Cec Murphey’s insights on writing are helpful to all writers, whatever their background or experience.
Author Wayne Holmes is the compiler of The Heart of a Father and The Heart of a Mother. He has two new books scheduled for release in 2005, The Heart of a Teacher and Caution: Children Praying, and Lanita has a story in each. Wayne’s compilation books bring smiles and an occasional tear, but always inspiration and encouragement.
Joan’s newest book, A Time for Praise, is a book of praise for a loving God… a God who loves His people… a God who forgives, restores and delights in His children. Joan also is the religion columnist for the Portales News Tribune.
HEARTBEAT OF THE HOME is founded on the premise that “Hope heals the heart that turns to Him.” God is the source of our hope and we can connect with Him through His Son, Jesus, and through His Word, the Bible.
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