Talks given to women’s groups:

“Cups of Blessings: A Mother and Daughter Reflect,” Mid-County Church, Troy, Ohio

“God Working in My Life,” St. Andrews Episcopal Church, Fort Thomas, Kentucky

“God Working in My Life,” Christ Church United Church of Christ, Fort Thomas, Kentucky

“The Spirit Within Us,” Ladies Day, Estill Springs Church of Christ, Tennessee

“Walking With God,” Women’s Retreat, Church of Christ at McDermott Road, Frisco, Texas

“The Joys of Giving,” I Have Wings Fundraiser, Crestview Hills, Kentucky

“The ABCs of Mother-Daughter Relationships,” Cincinnati Outpost Ministry

“A Life of Love,” Waycross Church of Christ Ladies’ Day, Goodlettsville, Tennessee

“The ABCs of Mother-Daughter Relationships,” Summit Church of Christ, Alexandria, Kentucky

“The Blessings of Being a Model,” Central Church of Christ, Bedford, Indiana

“Balance: Biblical and Personal,” Garrard Street Church of Christ Ladies’ Day, Covington, Kentucky

“Balance: The Lord’s and Mine,” Central C/C Retreat, Cincinnati, Ohio

“What Do We Communicate to Our Neighbors?” Central C/C, Cincinnati, Ohio

“The Spirit Within Us,” Mid-Ohio Valley Ladies’ Day, Grand Central Church of Christ, Vienna, West Virginia

“Clearing the Clutter, Inviting the Spirit,” Circleville Ladies’ Inspiration Day, Circleville, Ohio

“Becoming S’More Like Jesus,” Southside Women’s Retreat, Lexington, Kentucky

Talks to writers’ groups:

 “Words from the Grammar Guru,” Community Fellowship Church Writers’ Group, Aurora, Indiana

 “Tips from a Grammar Groupie,” Greater Cincinnati Christian Writers Fellowship, Cincinnati, Ohio.

 “First Steps to Getting Published,” FaithWriters, Milford, Ohio.